Hot dykes Sicilia and Lullu Gun get frisky in the bedroom

Sicilia & Lullu Gun




Lesbian Sicilia is horny so she pays for sex. She gets nasty with Lullu Gun. The hot dykes start to play with one another: they finger and eat each other’s pussies. They know how to have fun together.


september 09, 2016

This was good but could have been so much better if you had just cut out the messy camerawork and editing. Often you have a lovely full-body overview shot which allows us to see BOTH girls and everything that is happening but instead of just holding it there you spoil it by trying to be clever and 'arty' with the camerawork. A good example is the fabulous shot (at around 6.05) where Sicilia is fingering Lullu to orgasm, which is ruined by pointless close-ups and changes of camera angle.
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