LATEST MOVIES: Yamile Duran (3)

Cartel members show power over Colombian hotties and fuck them hard EP.1 News anchor Veronica Orozco announces on TV that she wants to meet the head of the drug cartel. She gets blindfolded and fucked by Juan Fuego. In the meantime, Dayana Cruz, daughter of a local businessman, is held captive by Pedro Nel. He fucks her face and pussy real good then facializes her. Kathy Solis and Yamile Duran also get banged, but they enjoy the steamy action in a raunchy foursome. Kathy Solis & Veronica Orozco & Dayana Cruz & Yamile Duran & Pedro Nel & Alex Moreno & Mister Marco & Juan Fuego Narcos X 21.12.17 30.8k 32:15 Narcos X
Exotic Latina beauty Yamile Duran gets her pussy pleased in hot revenge sex Sweet brunette Colombian Yamile Duran takes revenge on her cheating ex by delighting in Pedro Nel's hard cock and getting her pussy fucked hard on camera. She can't wait for the creamy facial at the end. Yamile Duran & Pedro Nel Tu Venganza 10.08.17 18.1k 28:44 Tu Venganza
Sweet Colombian Yamile Duran gets a mouthful of cum in hot pickup & fuck Pretty Latina Yamile Duran gets picked up by the crew and taken straight into the bedroom. Not before long she's naked, oiled up and fucked up hard by Alex Moreno, who'll then drop his load in her pretty little mouth. Yamile Duran & Alex Moreno Carne Del Mercado 03.07.17 20.2k 36:44 Carne Del Mercado
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